At First Aid Mart, we know it isn't always easy being green, but each little step takes us all a bit closer to the ideal. Sweden is so serious about being green that they ran out of garbage turning trash into power. greener_workplaceWhile not 100% green, at First Aid Mart, we instill a sense of “Green” in our Team and in our everyday practices. We believe in the philosophy of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”, and try to do so by utilizing recycled materials, recycling spent ink cartridges, reusing (other side) paper when not confidential and recycling the paper after shredding when confidential or used both sides. We opt for low consumption electronic and plumbing devices and use bio-degradable (corn starch) “Popcorn” and recyclable "Air Pillows" as our packing material for orders. eggA more recent change we made was replacing our multipurpose and window cleaners with vinegar... it is very effective and while our building may often smell like we've been dyeing Easter Eggs at night, both our cleaning crew and our staff have a healthier environment, and we are contributing that much less to the chemical overload of our municipal waste processing. Here's another cool one - at home, try mineral oil for furniture polish and leather cleaner. (You'll want to dilute it for wood furniture, as it is thick!) We've been using it for 3 years now - it is natural, non-petroleum based, and won't damage your furniture or build up a waxy film over time like commercial cleaning products! (Oh, yeah - it is WAY cheaper, too.)
Mineral Oil, Heavy, 16 oz. Plastic Bottle - 1 Each For the relief of occasional constipation (irregularity). This product gener....
Recently our Company took the Team on an Eco-tour to learn about conserving California Wetlands and donated a significant amount of money to the efforts. You may think we're cheesy, but it feels good to do these things. ( ) And business owners should know that it is good business being green...not just a "Hippie-Feel-Good" thing - here's a recent email from one of our customers:
Just a quick note to advise that the bottles arrived intact today, and I want to congratulate your shipping department for using instantly-melting-when-wetted starch packing "peanuts"! What a relief not to have to deal with those obnoxious a littering puffed-plastic type! The type you use should be mandatory for all shippers, and the plastic type banned! Thanks for the great service! David
What can you do? Make a list... you'll be surprised how many options there are - and many cost less, not more than the bad-chemical-habits we've grown accustomed to. Read more about transitioning from harmful chemicals in the workplace.