How to Prepare Yourself for an Outdoor Camping Trip

Most people enjoy an outdoor camping trip sometime during the summer months with their family. The majority of them will be sure to grab their tent, some clothes, and their basic necessities, such as personal hygiene products. What they sometimes fail to remember, however, are those items that they may need in case of an emergency. Whenever you go out into the wilderness, it is essential to remember your first-aid kit and the necessary supplies that will keep you safe in case of an emergency. You also want to make sure that you know how to navigate through the woods and take care of yourself should you get separated from the group you’re with. It is important to be prepared no matter what situations arise.

Learn to Read a Compass

Before you go on your trip, you need to be sure that you know how to read a compass. There is always the possibility that you could get lost, and a compass would come in handy if that were to happen. You should also try and get a map of the area you will be in, so you can try to navigate your way through the area if it comes to that. Sure, you might have GPS on your phone, but phones easily lose service when out in a wooded area.

Learn to Start a Fire

You need to be sure to  bring your matches along, because once it gets cold at night, you will need a fire to keep you warm. In case you forget the matches, you better be sure you know how to start a fire without them. First, find anything dry that can be used as tinder. Good examples of this are dried moss and shredded plants or leaves. You can also add some pocket lint from your coat pocket. You will then want to gather your firewood. Don’t forget to choose different sizes. You will need little pieces of kindling that are only about as thick as a toothpick, but longer, as well as some about the size of a pencil, and then the larger pieces that should be as thick as your arm. The larger pieces should be put into a teepee shape while the smaller pieces need to be placed underneath them in the middle. The easiest way to start a fire is by taking a pocket knife and striking it against a magnesium strip. Light your tinder on fire using the spark from this and place it on top of the small sticks you have. If you don’t have a strip on hand, find a rock. The best type to use is quartz. There are many methods to use for starting a fire, so find the best one that works for you and be sure you know how to do it when the time comes.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

You will need to be sure that you bring your first-aid kit along when you go on your trip. Whatever type of accident that can happen while out in the wilderness, you will need to be prepared for. Make sure the kit includes gauze, big and small bandages, ibuprofen or aspirin, anti-bacterial cream, a burn-relief pack, scissors, tweezers, and any other possible item that might be necessary if you were to get sick or injured. You may never use any of these items, but you don’t want to be left without if you do end up needing them.

Outdoor First Aid Kits

Keep Bugs Away

Everyone knows that mosquitos and other bugs are seen quite often during the summertime. They are especially active in wooded areas where most people camp. For that reason, every camper needs to be sure to pack insect repellent. This will do a good job of helping to keep the bugs away. You may still get some bites however, and that is why you should also bring along some insect sting-relief pads. You don’t want to spend your entire trip feeling itchy, so the pads will help with that.

Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be

Any time before you head out, you should let someone else know where you will be and when you plan on coming home. If something were to happen that left you stranded in the woods, you will have a greater chance of getting found if someone knows where to look for you. Tell them where you are headed and let them know that you will call them on your way home. If they haven’t heard from you and can not get ahold of you, then they’ll know it’s time to call in some help.

A camping trip can be a great experience for you and your family, but you need to be sure that you are fully prepared for it. Pack the appropriate gear and items, and make sure you have a map of your surroundings. Always let someone else know your whereabouts, and learn how to properly use a compass and start a fire before you go. As long as you remember these things, you will be well prepared for your trip. Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the trip, and hope nothing goes wrong that will require you to put this knowledge to use.

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