Diet - it's an Americanism to consider a "Diet" as a weight loss regimen - as an example, what we call "Diet Soda" most other countries call "Light". cornucopiaSo what is a diet? A diet is simply the food and drink regularly provided or consumed... and you can determine if this will be healthful or not. A consideration and recommendation of the National Institutes for Health is to plan healthier menu choices this Holiday Season, and to make wiser choices about what you consume, and what you do not. In their post " Healthy Holiday Foods and Fun -  Make Smart Choices as You Celebrate the Season " the NIH suggests ideas on how to avoid temptation when delicious foods and calories abound. “From Halloween through New Year’s, there’s always a decision to make about food,” says Dr. Marci Gluck, an NIH psychologist who studies obesity and eating behaviors. Tasty treats tend to appear more often at work and festive gatherings, and to come as gifts. They may also tempt you when grocery shopping. “As the holidays approach, it’s important to think ahead and make a plan,” Gluck says.