Head and Neck Injuries... Concussions and more

We've talked about Head and Neck Injuries in the past, not check out this new app!

Sports-Medicine-FIrst-AidHeads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

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To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Heads Up Tool Kit for Youth Sports

Heads Up cover

If you think your athlete has sustained a concussion…

don’t assess it yourself.

Take him/her out of play,

and seek the advice of a health care professional.

 Download the CDC Heads Up App Today!CDC's Heads Up app helps parents and others learn how to spot the signs and CDC Heads Up app.symptoms of a concussion and explains what to do if they think their child or teen has a concussion or other serious brain injury. The app also includes information on selecting the right helmet for an activity and other detailed helmet safety information.

Download the CDC Heads Up App

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