There are many ways to keep a child safe at Halloween, when they are more prone to accidents and injuries. SamheinHalloween was originally a Celtic celebration (Samhein) to welcome in the winter season. During this time, the Celts would open up their burial mounds allowing the spirits of their dead to walk through the village during the celebration. These wandering spirits would either bring safety to the villagers during the winter (Treat) or they would usher in cold, hard times (Trick). IMG_5177Now that Halloween has lost some if its more sinister connotations, it has become an event based on fun and fantasy for adults and children alike. The excitement of children and adults at this time of year sometimes makes them forget to be careful. Simple common sense can do a lot to stop any tragedies from happening. The marketplace sees Halloween as mainly a “sales event preparation” – an event that prepares retailers and consumers for the major holidays to follow – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day. Here;s our pitch at that: Some Good Safety Precautions and Tips for Halloween: Trick or Treat shouldn't be Trick or Threat. Going door to door is the stuff of childhood memories! It should be a fun time, without trouble and worry, so following these easy safety tips can keep your child safe every Halloween.
  • Be careful when crossing streets.
  • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street.
  • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic if there are no sidewalks.
  • An ADULT should always accompany children
  • Don’t talk to strangers
  • Children should go only to homes where the residents are known
  • Only visit houses with outside lights ON
  • Never, ever go inside to collect candy
Speaking if Candy... Do not eat anything you receive while Trick-or-Treating until it is checked by an adult
  • Food may be contaminated - Consider Allergies - Perform Candy Checks
    • Carefully check all candy received as soon as the Trick-or-Treaters arrive home
    • Remove all tampered, old, and “funny looking” candy
    • Hospitals and Police Stations will check candy for FREE
    • Bring your own candy to eat while Trick-or-Treating
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