Getting Prepared for Every Season

Every single season requires a different set of items stocked in your Car Emergency Kit in order to fully be prepared for what may happen. The winter will require warmer items, whereas the spring will need things that can be used in the rain. Having a kit ready for each season will ensure that no matter what comes up, you will be prepared when it does. You wouldn’t want to be stuck without.

All Seasons

No matter what season you are driving in, you should keep certain things in your vehicle in case of an emergency. You will always want to have an emergency road kit on hand. This kit will include things like a flashlight, jumper cables, a car charger for your phone, batteries, a whistle, some sort of scissors or cutting device in case you need to cut yourself out from your seatbelt, and things of that nature. You always want to be prepared for whatever can happen.

It is also important to keep a first aid kit on hand. This will contain items such as aspirin, bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial ointment, medicine, and things of that nature. If anyone in the vehicle is sick during the time you get stuck, you will want to make sure you have the proper items on hand to take care of them. You should also be sure you have bottles of water and protein bars packed as well, since you do not know how long it will be that you are stuck. It will at least give you something to eat and drink while you are out  there to keep you going.


Wintertime will require the fullest kit of them all. Say you are driving in your car on your way home for Christmas and you hit a patch of snow and go off the road. You would not want to be stuck in your car in the cold. Therefore, having a kit handy in your trunk or even beneath your driver seat would be wise to do. You will most likely already have a snow scraper handy to wipe snow off your windows, but that is not all you will need. Incase you get stuck, you will also want to keep a shovel in your car during the winter as well. You never know when you may need it, and instead of having to call someone and wait for them to get you out, you will be able to do it yourself.

Since you could end up staying the night in your car, you will want to have a thermal blanket to keep yourself warm. It might also be a good idea to keep an extra pair of gloves and a hat as well. If you have children that are often in the car with you, be sure you have all of the same things for them. Candles and matches would also be smart to have. There are even hand warmers that you can purchase so you can rub it between your hands and get your fingers warm. You wouldn’t want to get frostbite on your fingers. You should always be sure that all of these items are packed in your car before the first snowfall of the year. You want to be prepared early.


The springtime is good for lots of rain and thunderstorms. Rain may not be as cold as the snow, but it can make you chilly pretty quickly if you are out in it for a while. For this reason, it is wise to pack a rain poncho and an umbrella on top of it. You want to make sure you will be ready in case you have to go out in the rain, perhaps if you have to walk to a nearby gas station.


During the summertime, you are much less likely to be stuck in your vehicle overnight. However, there is still a chance you could be. It may be hot during the day, but it can still get chilly at night, so be sure there is at least a sweater in the trunk, or a light blanket. You will also want to be sure you have something that can keep you cool during the hot day, and if it stays hot at night. Make sure you have extra water packed in the summer than you normally would to keep yourself hydrated. Also, have an extra set of clothes on hand, perhaps a pair of shorts and tshirt or tank top. Then if it gets too hot for you, you will be able to change into something lighter.


During the fall, there is also a good chance of rain happening. You will want to pack the same things you do for the springtime, such as an umbrella, a rain poncho, and things of that nature. It will be colder than the spring, however, so be sure to include a warmer blanket or at least a sweatshirt or jacket.

Whatever season you happen to be in at the time of an accident or weather related incident, you want to make sure that you are fully prepared for whatever weather you are in store for. Being stuck in your vehicle is never a fun situation, and being without necessary items makes it even worse. No matter if it’s summer or winter, it will not be ideal for you to be stuck. Having all of the appropriate items packed will at least make the situation a little more manageable.

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