Forklifts and the OSHA Industrial Lift Truck Standard

Forklift operation security should be your priority so that lives will not be harmed, properties will not be damaged and cash will not go to waste. As soon as a machine is involved, there are certain risks that can impact business operations and the operator. When these requirements are met, you risks of injury and liability are significantly reduced. To have operations to run smoothly, you have to stick to forklift operation safety guidelines. A fork lift truck driver must have information and coaching when it comes to operating the machine.

forklift-powered-industrial-truck-safetyMake sure that your employees are trained thoroughly and successfully with our in-depth Forklift Safety information for Forklift Construction, General Industry & Compliance Kits in Spanish and English. These training materials, in multiple formats and languages, cover a wealth of General Forklift topicsfor all your training and safety needs, whether its refueling/recharging of forklifts, pre and post use inspections, or even the use of other powered industrial vehicles. These pieces of heavy machinery are both powerful and useful but have the potential to be hazardous and cause bodily injury or even death unless users are trained properly. Make sure your employees and users of these pieces of equipment are properly trained and prepared!forklift-powered-industrial-truck-safety-tile

OSHA regulations include training, operation, loading, pre-operation inspection, and refueling/recharging of forklifts. Ensure that your employees will receive the comprehensive training they need - have Step-by-step training instructions in addition to real-world examples, practice drills, and review questions. Review the OSHA regulations, and ensure that your trainer is well-prepared.

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