thermometer-coldSo for the time being, weather has calmed on the coasts, but a bitter cold system spreads through the central states and part of the northeast. This arctic blast i s heading beyond the Midwest, venturing south as well. With zero degree temperatures in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, we know Winter is really here. All major weather predictors call for heavy snow along the east coast later this week, too. Batten down the hatches, stock the supplies, layer your clothing, and get ready - Winter and Severe Weather are upon us.  
for the nonce phrase of nonce
  1. for the present; temporarily. "the room had been converted for the nonce into a nursery" synonyms: for the time being, temporarily, pro tem, for now, for the moment, for the interim, for a while, for the present, in the meantime; provisionally "for the nonce, I'll be the acting chairman"