Blast AppWhile designed for public health, pre-hospital or hospital healthcare, we think this is a perfect free tool for CERT Teams, ERTs, and other Volunteer Groups dealing with Mass Casualty Events and Triage! The CDC has a new mobile application for you. The CDC Blast Injury App provides clear, concise, up-to-date information to help you respond to a blast or other mass casualty explosive event. This application equips you with the critical decision-making information you need to provide medical care or manage mass casualties, all from your mobile device.

The app provides clinical guidance about specific blast injury patterns to help emergency responders and clinicians assess and treat patients. For public health and emergency management professionals, the application includes tools to manage casualties and hospital surge capacity.

All individuals can use the application to learn how to protect themselves and be aware of hazards specific to mass casualty explosive events. It also includes a quick reference guide that can be read en route to, or at the scene of an event.

We hope you use the CDC Blast Injury mobile application to learn and prepare, and know that in the event that you are called to respond to a bombing mass casualty explosive event, you'll have the information you need with you to make decisions that will save lives.


This is an official application of the CDC and updates will happen automatically so users will always have the most current content available.

Download the CDC Blast Injury mobile application free today from the App Store!