While politics consume media attention, and ethnocentrism makes many shout about US monies spent abroad, consider how much we learn for safety at home from efforts outside our borders. Without the work we've done in other countries, we wouldn't have been prepared to deal with scary diseases like Ebola and Zika when they hit our borders. Heck, we might not have seen them coming at all if it weren't for the agencies involved in tracking and fighting disease on a global basis. On The Scene: A Commitment to Emergency Response... The CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection is driven a commitment to people, science, response, and systems. Of these, the most important is people. Read personal stories from responders working in extraordinary circumstances in the Center's for Disease Control & Prevention publication Updates from the Field. From setting up surveillance systems in refugee camps, to developing mass immunization campaigns, to improving care for mothers and babies, to evaluating mental health in post-conflict settings, they are on the scene.