The number of infected continues to rise in what has been clearly defined as the worst outbreak of deadly Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in History. While the CDC and WHO struggle to contain the out break and work toward treatment or cure, Humanitarian groups like UNICEF make efforts to educate with ambitious public information campaigns aiming to reach every household in outbreak areas. In Sierra Leone UNICEF reached out with life-saving messages on Ebola September 19-21 in a bid to reduce the spread of the disease with the help of community members. UNICEF has provided the Government-led campaign with technical and financial support, including information materials. Sierra Leone, one of the countries in West Africa affected by the largest Ebola outbreak in history, launched a three-day campaign to raise awareness of the disease and help prevent its further spread. "The campaign actually is hinged around dispelling the rumors, is hinged around increasing the knowledge and promoting behavior change," explains UNICEF Health Specialist Edmond Bankiu. "Ebola is ... infringing on ... people's social and traditional practices. ... We are really worried that the number of cases are doomed to increase." During the campaign, trained social mobilizers, youths and volunteers went door-to-door to reach 1.5 million households across the country. Ensuring residents know how to protect themselves and other from the disease is critical to curtailing the unprecedented outbreak.

Ebola: "Worried that the number of cases are doomed to increase" Watch the Video:

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