So often we think about emergency preparedness and disaster as sudden, cataclysmic events, but they aren't always so.

The California Drought (well really the entire western US) spells disaster for the whole nation - and in fact is already and will continue to have global impact.

The western US States, and particularly California a vital to  the food supply of the nation and the planet. California is the world’s 5th largest supplier of food, cotton fiber and other agricultural commodities in the world. This current drought has forced California farmers and ranchers have been forced to cut back the amount of water they use drastically.

This is not going away. A new Department of the Interior report released Tuesday shows that water supplies across the West are at an increased risk because of climate change.

Projections by the U.S. government say stream flow could decrease across the Colorado and Rio Grande river basins by as much as 27 percent over the next century - this is where the majority of non-snowmelt water in the West comes from.

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