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CPR Instructor saves a life.

An instructor teaching a class on CPR ended up saving the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest outside of her classroom.

The man, who was shoveling snow outside of the American Red Cross building in Rochester (Minnesota, not Mew York, FYI) recently, came inside to take a break, FOX 9 says.

 CPR instructor and  student save real man's life during classroom session

That’s when he started having a heart attack, ABC 6 reports. Jennifer Brandt, an instructor with Twin Cities Safety, put her skills to use – she had her students call 911 and she began CPR.

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“Everything went from there and I did what I’ve been teaching people for several years,” Brandt told ABC 6. “It gave the students a real live look into what a scene actually looks like and what needs to be done in order to give somebody that chance of life.”

"If there is not someone there to help when somebody goes into cardiac arrest, that person will die,” Smith said.

The response time was approximately 30 seconds. And in this case, those seconds mattered.American-Red-Cross-Emergency-Kits

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