Cold Weather is upon us - this can be new and different health and safety risks than the warmer Months. Illness spreads quickly when we are cooped up in sealed buildings with others  that are sick (commonly referred to as "Kennel Cough") and flu viruses are coated in such a manner that they actually do better at maintaining strength at low temperatures. Hypothermia,  is an emergency that occurs when your body loses too much heat, and can result from exposure to cold weather and elements. Exposure to cold temperatures can cause hikers, the homeless, and the very young and very old to begin to shiver, become confused, and even lose consciousness. If you are in cold weather and become exposed to high wind or rain, become sweat-soaked or submerged in water, you can quickly face a medical emergency. If your body loses too much heat, get warm and get help. Learn more about Winter Health and Safety issues>