Weather Emergencies are serious and prevalent as our climate changes. climate-changeOver the past 2 years alone there have been 25 serious weather disaster emergencies in the US, causing almost 200 billion dollars in damage, Many families, businesses, and individuals were not prepared and over 1,000 dies and many more suffered. Weather disaster can include tropical storms and hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, extreme heat, earthquakes, tsunamis, winter storms, as well as droughts and the closely related wildfires. Whether it is Global Warming, or other causes - the climate IS changing. Snow in Southern California, record breaking cold in the NorthEast, devastating heat and drought nationwide. Climate change is apparent now across our nation; and natural climate patterns, like El Niño, can have a major impact on weather. Families and businesses need to prepare for weather emergencies new to their regions. See a list of billion-dollar-damage-disasters in the US.Changing-Climates