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Citizen Corps and CERT Information Deadline

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has improved the online Citizen Corps/CERT Registration System and needs you to update your information by Friday, December 4. This will help FEMA provide you with better support. You can use this link to log into the system. A slide presentation is also available to help guide you through the update process:


There are several reasons to update your program’s information:

You will soon be able use the registration system to generate a printable report that will feature your specific program’s information. If your information in your profile is up-to-date, the information in your individual program report will be, too.

This information is used  to develop reports, presentations, and talking points to promote Citizen Corps and CERT to internal and external stakeholders. The numbers that they use are far more effective and reliable when more programs update their information.

FEMA has begun sharing some CERT registration data through Open FEMA. Please help to ensure that this information is accurate.

By updating your information, you ensure that your program’s information is accounted for in the National Preparedness Report.

When members of the public and other stakeholders look up your programs online, much of the information you provide through the system is visible on your public-facing online profile.
All of the information that you provide is helpful, but the following data points are of the highest priority for the December 4 deadline:

  • Number of Volunteer Service Hours (Citizen Corps and CERT)
  • Number of Volunteers (Citizen Corps only)
  • Number of Individuals Who Have Completed CERT Basic Training Since Start of Program
  • Average Annual Deliveries of the CERT Basic Training
  • CERT Classes Graduated Since Start of Program
  • Citizen Corps Council Membership
  • CERT Response Activities

If you have any questions, please direct them to your state point of contact. If they are unable to resolve your request, you can also contact us at or