• James Madison

    GeorgieDo you recognize this portrait of George Washington? Thank James Madison.

    During the War of 1812, James Madison rescued this portrait from a burning White House before leaving.

    James Madison was born on this day in 1751. He is often referred to as the "Father of the Constitution" and was also the fourth president of the United States.

    Other than rescuing this portrait and adorning the US $5,000 bill, James Madison is best remembered for presenting the Virginia Plan and for overseeing the final drafting of the Constitution. US-5000

  • Rapping, Rapping

    POEOn this day in 1809, poet, author and literary critic Edgar Allan Poe is born in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Dark, handsome and brooding, Poe was known for his direct and incisive criticism and dark horror stories. His best and well-known works are "The Fall of the House of Usher", "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Raven".

    Throughout his life he struggled with depression, drugs and alcoholism and it led to his early demise. He died at the young age of 40 in October 7, 1849.

  • iPhone Anniversary

    On this day 10 years ago, the iPhone was introduced to the world.


  • New Year

    Make it AWESOME!


  • Joy & Laughter

    We hope your life will be filled with joy and laughter now during the holidays and throughout the New Year. HH-FAM2

  • Happy!


  • Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    Labor Day Weeknd-Baloon

  • Woodstock

    Rock and roll history was made on this day in 1969 when the Woodstock festival opened. More than 400,000 music lovers arrived to the small hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel,
    N.Y., to hear the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead and other rock and roll icons. Many people mistakenly believe that Woodstock actually took place in Woodstock, N.Y. While the festival was held to raise money to build a recording studio in Woodstock, the town denied permission to have the festival held there. Dairy farmer Max Yasgur saved the festival when he gave organizers permission to use his 600 acres of farmland in White Lake, 50 miles from the town of Woodstock, to hold the festival.Woodstock

  • Happy Friendship Day


    Sunday August 7 is Friendship Day

  • Patti-Jo 'n' Ginger

    Patti-Jo 'n' GingerOn this day in 1911, Jackie Ormes, the first African- American woman to work as a professional newspaper cartoonist, was born in Pittsburgh. Ormes showed a passion for illustration at a young age, applying to work for the Pittsburgh Courier, an African-American weekly newspaper, when she was only in high school. Originally joining as a proofreader and reporter, Ormes debuted her first comic strip Torchy Brown in "Dixie to Harlem"  in 1937. After attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and writing for The Chicago Defender, she returned to the Courier, creating her most famous strip, Patti-Jo 'n' Ginger, known for its harsh political commentary.

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