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    Keeping Your Pets Safe

    You may know that the FDA works to keep foods and drugs safe for you and your family, but you may not realize the agency does much the same for your pets... Drug Safety In Fiscal Year 2013, FDA received 86,444 reports of adverse drug events from manufacturers, veterinarians, and consumers. Baker explains that while manufacturers are required by law...
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    How to respond if your pet has a medical emergency

    Basic first-aid supplies for pet owners (Items to be used in an emergency under the direction of veterinary personnel before the injured or sick animal is brought to the hospital) Absorbent gauze pads Adhesive tape Antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder, or spray Blanket or a foil emergency blanket Cotton balls or swabs Gauze rolls Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting—do this only...
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    Red Cross Pet First Aid App

    We've told you about our favorite Human First Aid App... how about one for your pets? Your pet is an important member of your family. Unfortunately, animals are also affected by disaster, and they rely on you for help during emergencies. Did you know the American Red Cross has a Pet First Aid app to help you take care of...
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    How to give your Dog CPR or save your furry friend when choking - Free Video

    How to give your Dog CPR or save your furry friend when choking - Free Video First Aid DVD for Dogs Learn CPR, Choking, Heat Stroke, Burns, Fractures, Hypothermia, Eye injuries, shock and much more. These 45-minute award-winning v.... read more CasPeR The CPR Dog CasPeR The CPR Dog This small animal trainer incorporates all the necessary features for teaching...
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    American Red Cross Pet First Aid

    First Aid Apps for Smart Phones, Tablets and Mobile devices have been around for tears now - our Favorite is by PhoneFlips, Now the Red Cross has released and App to help you use your Pet First Aid Kits and give proper Pet CPR & First Aid! American Red Cross Issues New Pet First Aid App Pets are an important...
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    New Year - New Safety Needs

    We all start each New Year with great plans, goals, and resolutions. Don't let yours slip by - stay focused, plan now - and get going! If you have any plans for a safer and more prepared year in 2014 - get what yo need now... we're here to assist! Some ideas: AED Products Bandages & First Aid CPR Products...
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    To disseminate Safety Knowledge and Preparedness to All

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    A Hunting Outfitter’s Basic Guide to Safety

    The hunting season is now upon us. The morning frost gleams off the grass and bites at every hunter’s finger tips. This is the season; the one where hunters get another chance to nab that monster buck they’ve been tracking all year. However, in the midst of all this excitement, hunters can sometimes forget about the basics of hunting and...
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    Pet Safety a concern for the FDA

    Many of our readers don't realize that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns itself with the health and well being of our furry family members as well as the two-legged ones. Current issues of concern for the FDA and how Jerky Treats are causing Canine Illness and Heartworm issues in both Bogs and Cats. Pet Safety is a...
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    First aid for sporting-dogs

    As much as sporting-dog owners hate the thought of administering first aid to their canine companions, the reality is that anything can happen in the field. But with the help of the vets at Deer Creek Animal Hospital, hunting-dog owners can head into the season armed with some knowledge. Doctors Dan Brod and Todd Rezac are hosting their third annual...

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