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  1. World Animal Day
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    World Animal Day

    Today is World Animal Day! We've shared before about our support of endangered species and the National Geographic Society's efforts to save them... Now - you can raise awareness on World Animal Day. MISSION: TO RAISE THE STATUS OF ANIMALS IN ORDER TO IMPROVE WELFARE STANDARDS AROUND THE GLOBE According to KeepInCalendar, World Animal Day is celebrated each year on...
  2. Derby Days
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    Derby Days

    On this day in 1904 the 30th Kentucky Derby was held. The race was won by an American thoroughbred named Elwood, the first winning horse in the history of the Kentucky Derby to be bred and owned by a woman. With the 142nd Kentucky Derby being held this Saturday, we thought we ought to take this opportunity to celebrate the important role women have played...
  3. Otter Pup (not Pop!)
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    Otter Pup (not Pop!)

    Spring is the season to celebrate new life. What better way to do so than to welcome the new baby otter pup into the world at the Bronx Zoo?! This playful little one clambered around its new habitat the other day scoping out the new digs while mama tried to show it the ropes. The inquisitive pup wasn't shy for long, scoping out the place...
  4. Pet Safety and Liability: Dog BItes
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    Pet Safety and Liability: Dog BItes

    During Pet First Aid Awareness Month - we also wanted to reach out to Pet owners and remind them of a responsibility: Dog Bites. Dogs can bite humans - either out of fear, pain, or a sense of protecting their loved ones. The Risks of Dog Ownership: Dog Bite Liability The Reality Check Here’s the plain hard truth. You are...
  5. H2O2 and your Pet
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    H2O2 and your Pet

    Pet First Aid is always a topic we like to share information about - while it is often overlooked in favor of fun and cute pet stories, it is very important to any family with a furry friend - and especially at the Holidays. Today, we'd like to share some information about Hydrogen Peroxide and your Pet. We've shared a...
  6. Don't forget to Include Your Pets in Disaster Preparedness Planning
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    Don't forget to Include Your Pets in Disaster Preparedness Planning

    Many pets were left behind to fend for themselves during the wildfires in California’s Calaveras and Lake counties resulting in serious injuries, death or disappearance. This occurred because the fire came so fast many survivors had no time to save the animals. Planning ahead means saving all family members - even the winged or multi-legged ones. Preparing Your Pets for...
  7. Preparing Your Pets for Shelter
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    Preparing Your Pets for Shelter

    We've talked about it before, and we'll talk about it again... you need to prepare ahead of time for pets in emergency situations. When you prepare for disasters, be sure to make arrangements for your pets too! In the event that you have to evacuate to a public shelter, keep in mind that for health reasons, some facilities cannot accept...
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    “Ready, Pet, Go!” Preparedness Calendar

    We recently talked about PetParedness at the White House... now the American Public Health Association (APHA) recently released an exciting new resource to help prepare your family, school, or office for emergencies. Their 2016 “Ready, Pet, Go!” Get Ready calendar features images of animals sharing important safety tips you can follow throughout the year, including: If you live in an area...
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    PetParedness takes the spotlight

    We'll be traveling back to DC next week for another Bystander Preparedness meeting at the White House with representatives from the National Security Council; the Department of Homeland Security; the Federal Emergency Management Agency; law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Department of Defense; and prehospital and physician provider organizations... in the interim, other White House Denizens are focusing on Furry Citizen Safety: Get ‘Petpared’...
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    Dog Days

    Dog Days of Summer? You think you are hot and miserable? How about your pets? They are wearing fur coats in this heat and humidity! Make sure you keep them cool and watch the water - pets are likely to consume much more than usual in the heat. Your Veterinarian make even recommend adding electrolytes to their food and water...

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