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  • Healthy Gifts For Grandma on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is a holiday to celebrate all mothers -- grandmothers included. It can be difficult to find the right gift for grandma, but don’t think it’s impossible. Gifts that promote good health are a great option, as they show thought, caring, and can help improve both grandparents quality of life. Checkout iZeko’s blog from Hub Pages to see a few ideas for gifts for grandma this Mother’s Day.


  • Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day is all about pampering moms, and that can take on many forms. If you’re not sure what to get her this year, or you simply want to try something new, consider a healthy gift option this year. A gift that promotes good health will help make sure that your mom is around to celebrate many more of these special days in the future.


  • Keeping Mothers Healthy

    When it comes to Mother’s Day, it can be difficult to figure out the perfect gift for one of the most important women in your life. Don’t drive yourself crazy searching. Instead give the gift that keeps on giving: a healthy heart. To learn more, check out Chris Zdeb’s article for the Edmonton Journal.


  • Sun Spot Basics

    Sunshine is great for many things, but your skin isn’t one of them. Harmful UV rays can damage or discolor your skin in a number of ways, and the problem only gets worse as you age. One of the most common consequences of too much sun exposure for the elderly are sun spots. John Barrymore of Discovery Health has more on the causes, effects, and treatment of these discolorations.


  • Summary of Posts: May 15th 2013

    This time around in First Aid Mart we’ve got a great selection of topics for you. We cover some tips for keeping your skin healthy in the spring sun, how to get rid of bothersome ingrown hairs, and much more!

    • Just because winter is finally gone, doesn’t mean you should rush out into the sunshine without a second thought. The sun can do serious harm to your skin, and there are certain precautions you need to take to protect it.
    • Most people know what good personal hygiene entails... but fewer people actually practice it. That usually doesn’t have major consequences in daily life, but in an emergency situation after a natural disaster that isn’t the case.
    • Ingrown hairs are irritating, unsightly, and can develop into a dangerous infection if left untreated. Be sure to remove them when they make themselves known, and to do it properly.
    • Staying healthy is more than just preventing illness and bandaging wounds; good health requires exercise as well. If you’re not a fan of the gym, that’s ok... according to experts, good health is something you can walk your way towards.
    • The last thing anyone wants is to be face-to-face with a medical emergency, but it’s something that no one can control. It’s important to be prepared.
    • To wrap things up we talk more about staying healthy through exercise. The level of activity it takes to stay fit may surprise you.
  • Not Another Workout...

    If you’re like many people, then you aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to get to the gym for your next workout. While more of us realize the importance of physical activity in staying healthy, it can be a lot harder to put those ideas into practice. For some reason, lifting weights, running laps, or doing time on various exercise machines is the last thing we want to do, regardless of the benefits.

    Luckily, frequent trips to the gym aren’t the only way to get in your daily-dose of physical activity, according to experts. Simply getting out of the house and walking for thirty minutes a day is usually sufficient for capturing all of the health benefits that exercising has to offer. While it may not give you that toned washboard stomach or larger biceps, walking daily can lower your risk of heart disease, control your weight, and help with midday fatigue.

    Thirty minutes a day might seem like a lot depending on your schedule, but there are always ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Most jobs offer a lunch break of 30 minutes to an hour, which is a perfect chance to eat, get some fresh air, and log your daily walk while you’re at it. Think outside of the box when it comes to getting your walk on, and there’s sure to be an opportunity.

  • Emergencies Happen, Be Prepared

    It’s a an unfortunate fact of life that medical emergencies happen. No matter how thoroughly you try to prevent them, there is always the real chance that someday you’ll be confronted with an emergency situation. Facing such an event without the proper preparation can be intimidating, but as reports, CPR and first aid training can make all the difference.


  • You Don’t Need a Gym to Stay Healthy

    It’s no secret that exercise is part of a healthy life, but that doesn’t make activities like going to the gym any more appealing for most people. If you’re one of the many who just can’t seem to “get into” a gym routine, don’t worry! According to health experts featured in a video on Web MD, it only takes 30 minutes of daily walking to garner most of the benefits that exercise has to offer your general well-being.


  • First Aid 101: Removing Ingrown Hairs

    Ingrown hairs are painful and unsightly when they first appear, and if left untreated can develop into serious infections. Basically, an ingrown hair is a hair which has curled in on itself and begun growing back under the skin. Don’t let these painful inconveniences bother you, or turn into something more serious. Follow these simple steps from wikiHow and remove them as soon as they appear.


  • Spring & Summer, Not Just Fun in the Sun

    After you’ve spent all winter looking forward to the sunshine of spring and summer, it’s difficult to hold back once things start to warm up. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the warmth the sun has to offer, there are certain precautions that shouldn’t be overlooked -- no matter how excited you are. Check out this article from Discovery Health for 10 ways to protect your skin.


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