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Are you a "Do-Gooder"? We all should be, each of us. What you give comes back tenfold. Read our Community Ideas and input here.

  1. Community Health Simulation
    Categories: Child Safety & Community News

    Community Health Simulation

    What is a HealthSim? The community health simulation is the newest violence prevention tool on CDC's VetoViolence website. This game-like experience demonstrates the connections between violence and community issues, such as struggling businesses and schools, overcrowded jails, and long wait hours in the emergency room. The simulation puts you in the driver's seat of Vetoville. You can explore the town...
  2. Day of Service
    Categories: Info News & Community News

    Day of Service

    What does Martin Luther King, Jr. Day mean to you? A 3 day weekend, A time to appreciate the rights and freedoms you enjoy? A time to give back? Each year, we spend a little time talking about this subject and the Man behind the day. With Martin Luther King, Jr, Day just a few days off, we'd like to...

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