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    Challenge to control your blood pressure!

    Of course High Blood Pressure is one of the leading causes of Cardiovascular Disease and Strokes. but you CAN control it! Million Hearts launches annual blood pressure control challenge The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today launched an annual challenge designed to identify and honor clinicians and health care teams that have helped their patients control high blood...
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    Stroke: What is YOUR risk?

    Risk of Stroke, whether TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack*) or full Cerebro Vascular Attacks varies by heredity, lifestyle, and other factors, but trends exist, and knowing your non-controllable risks can help you determine the importance of watching the controllable risk factors. What is little known is that across all ethnicities, about 20% of strokes occur under the age of 20! *TIA...
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    Medical and Health Apps and AEDs under FDA surveillance

    With the flood of "Health Apps" on the market, and rapid increase in OTC medical devices (AEDs for one) leading to perhaps-lesser-quality-assurance, the FDA is ramping up its after-market performance scrutiny. According to the FDA: Despite rigorous premarket evaluation, what really counts is how well a medical device works when it’s used day-to-day by patients, caregivers and clinicians. Beyond clinical...
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    Life and Death during CPR and AED Awareness Week

    Do you know anyone saved by CPR or due to an AED being on hand? Do you know of anyone lost because no AED was available and/or nobody on hand knew CPR? Thousands of lives are saved each year through bystander CPR and quick action through AED use. Take action now during CPR and AED Awareness Week - you need not...
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    This week is about Life 🏥

    CPR & AED Awareness Week 2015... Is your CPR Certification current? Do you have an AED at work, at home, at your group meeting places? Learn more about CPR & AED Awareness.
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    ? CPR and AED Awareness Week ?

    CPR and AED Awareness Week is right around the corner. In 2008, Congress designated the first week of June for observation of National CPR / AED Awareness Week, with the goal of encouraging all states, cities and towns to establish organized programs which provide CPR and AED training to the public. At American CPR Training® they realize that not everyone can...
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    There are millions of swimming pools in the United States

    According to the International Aquatic Foundation, there are millions of pools in the United States, most of them residential in nature. Is your pool safe? Equipped? Is someone on hand that knows CPR? Do you have an AED nearby? Number of Residential Inground Pools (as of year-end 2004): 4,544,000 Number of Residential Aboveground Pools: 3,535,000 Number of Residential Hot Tubs: 5,170,000...
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    Seeing Red

    March is American Red Cross Month. Now is a good time to familiarize yourself with some of the disaster preparedness tools the Red Cross offers, including a variety of mobile applications (apps). The free apps provide alerts for weather hazards, first aid, shelter, pet first aid, and more. As the winter weather hazards come to an end, you can use...
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    Official Manikin of the Firefighter Combat Challenge

    Fire Fighters love this thing... Rescue Randy was developed for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training. These manikins can be safely used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made of durable vinyl with 4,100 lb. test plastic-coated cables. Features include: articulated joints, weight distribution according to human weight distribution chart. Used by the...
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    1 out of 3 Women die of a Broken Heart

    Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, but it's 80 percent preventable. Make sure you're doing everything you can to avoid heart disease by ordering these free publications to keep your heart healthy. You will: Discover the surprising signs of heart attack in women Understand the difference between “good” and “bad” cholesterol Learn 10 easy ways to cut...

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