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  1. Allergy & Flu News
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    Allergy & Flu News

    Vaccine Strategy Induces Antibodies that Can Target Multiple Influenza Viruses... Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) have identified three types of vaccine-induced antibodies that can neutralize diverse strains of influenza virus that infect humans. The discovery will help guide development of a universal influenza vaccine, according to...
  2. Allergy Management Tips For Food Manufacturing
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    Allergy Management Tips For Food Manufacturing

    Allergy Management Tips For Food Manufacturing One of the biggest risks in modern food manufacturing is the rise of serious food allergies. While not entirely new, they have increased in recent years, and the public has become far more aware of the dangers. The problem goes beyond consumers inadvertently purchasing items containing allergens. Rather, food manufacturing itself has come under...
  3. World Asthma Day
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    World Asthma Day

    Today is World Asthma Day - Learn about Asthma and initiatives to improve conditions for those that suffer from this respiratory/pulmonary affliction: Guide To Asthma Asthma Awareness Month CDC Asthma Awaremess Toolkit Asthma Medication Delivery Device may Cause Choking How To Breathe Easy – Managing Asthma In Children Asthma – No Myths, Just Good Solid Reputable Information Calming Asthma In...
  4. Decorative "Snow" & Asthma
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    Decorative "Snow" & Asthma

    Be cautious of using decorative "Snow" during the Holidays ass well as exposure to areas decorated with this festive fluff. Especially if you have COPD or Asthma. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Artificial snow sprays can irritate lungs if inhaled. To avoid injury, read container labels; follow directions carefully.  
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    Halloween is not the only creepy thing

    CDC releases combined summary of notifiable infectious, noninfectious diseases... The Summary (Infectious) summarizes data on dozens of nationally notifiable diseases and conditions in the United States.  Highlights include: West Nile virus (WNV) — In 2013, 47 states and the District of Columbia reported 2,469 cases of WNV disease – including 1,267 cases of WNV meningitis, encephalitis, and acute flaccid paralysis...
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    We've talked about smoking a few times. Understand, we aren't preaching - in fact, many on our own Team smoke, and have for years. We (including the dedicated smokers here) just want to share information about smoking and the known or perceived health effects so everyone can make their own, informed decisions. Now, we found this fascinating infographic, we though...
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    The Impact of Climate Change on Your Health

    You think sniffles are bad? Climate change, together with other natural and human-made health stressors, influences human health and disease in numerous ways. Some existing health threats will intensify and new health threats will emerge. Not everyone is equally at risk. Important considerations include age, economic resources, and location. In the U.S., public health can be affected by disruptions of...
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    Cough? Cold? Flu? Infection? Pandemic?

    It is cold and cough season - get ready to fight flu and infection! Read our Blogs on these subjects and STOCK UP: Flu Season Ebola Cough and Cold See Our Cold & Cough Remedies. Get Ready for Cold Season! Protection Against Nasty Germs. See Personal Protection Packs!  Stay Warm & Toasty this Season. Check Out All Our Warmer Packs! 
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    Asthma Awareness Month

    Roughly 8 percent of adults and more than 9 percent of children in the United States have asthma. May is Asthma Awareness Month, and the National Institutes of Health emphasizes the scientific progress being made in asthma research, from basic science, such as how lung cells work, to clinical trials on current and future treatments for the disease. NIH-led research...
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    Are Temporary Tattoos Dangerous for your Kids?

    Summer vacation is on the way.  Time to pack your swim suit, hit the beach, and perhaps indulge in a little harmless fun.  How about getting a temporary tattoo to mark the occasion? What’s the harm? Just because a tattoo is temporary, however, doesn't mean it’s risk free. Some consumers report reactions that may be severe and long outlast the...

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