Campus Safety is on many minds in the wake of the recent Oregon Active Shooter Tragedy. schoolsafetyAll across the United States, colleges and universities are welcoming students to the new 2015-16 school year.  Many of those students have targeted emergency management or homeland security as a field of study and a first-choice career. In the Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI) second Higher Education Program webinar, Frederick Community College (FCC) will discuss the partnership between FCC’s Mid-Atlantic Center for Emergency Management, the Maryland State Department of Education’s Career and Technology Education Program, and the Statewide Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Council.  This partnership is an effort designed to provide effective pathways from secondary to post-secondary programs, and produce graduates possessing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that prepare them for work, life, and responsible citizenship. Continue reading in EMI Training Bulletin 1194 Active Shooter: What You Can Do What else can  we do? Learn Bleeding Control & Help spread the word about Bystander involvement with the Stop the Bleed Campaign