Budget for Preparedness

  • Can you afford to Prepare?
  • Can you afford not to?

In a recent FEMA household survey, we learned more than a quarter of participants reported they believe getting prepared is too expensive. Creating your disaster preparedness kit does not have to be costly! In fact, many of the items for your kit may be found around your home!

After you have built the majority of your kit from items already in your home, you can begin to build a list for the remaining items. Here are some additional tips from citizens across the country for keeping your disaster kit cost-friendly:

  • Shop at discount and dollar stores where appropriate;
  • Trade extra supplies with friends or family; and
  • Check the newspaper or online listings for discounted products.

For more simple and cost-friendly disaster kit suggestions, and easy steps you should take if disaster strikes, you can access FEMA’s free online “Preparedness on a Shoestring” activity module.

The “Preparedness on a Shoestring” activity module is part of FEMA’s “Preparedness Activities for Communities Everywhere” tools, which educates individuals about relatively easy steps to take to become prepared for all types of hazards. FAM

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