Boating Safety and Fatalities

During National Water Safety Month, Take a moment to consider that recreational boating - as most active recreational sports - carnies dangers along with the excitement and pleasure.

The US Coast Guard provides great courses, materials, and informational materials helping guide boaters to safely equip, plan, and embark on these fun adventures.

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As an agency of the Federal government and a servant of the public, the U.S. Coast Guard, in its role as the designated National Recreational Boating Safety Coordinator, is a leader in improving the boating experience of the maritime public. We are an organization noted for working in partnership with all stakeholders within the waterways activity spectrum and across all modes of transportation to reach consensus solutions. We measure our success by our customer satisfaction, and our customers' needs help define our workload and priorities.

The Marine 1000 is designed for coastal cruising when professional medical care can be reached within a 12-hour time period. This ....
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The mission of o minimize the loss of life, personal injury, property damage, and environmental impact associated with the use of recreational boats, through preventive means, in order to maximize safe use and enjoyment of U.S. Waterways by the public.

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