While "Black Friday" was named for retailers finally getting to a profitable time of year (our of the "red" in their ledgers and into the "black") in recent years the dangers to shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving has given the "black" in "Black Friday" a more ominous double-entendre. Injuries, violence, crime and even death have become synonymous with Black Friday Shopping - so much so that there is a website dedicated to the annual injuries and death counts on Black Friday, and Time Magazine called last year's Black Friday S Hopping "Calm" because there were only 15 injuries and 1 Death reported! Black-Cyber So - has Christmas Shopping now entered the realm of extreme sports? Do you need to prepare for a fight to the finish like Hunger Games to get that deal? Despite what mass-media and mass-retailer advertisements would like to report, the economy has indeed not turned around as much as resellers would like. Deals are to be found without be elbowed, gabbed, tripped and poked trying to get into that bog-box store. Be safe this Black Friday... you can start your sale shopping online now and get even better deals from the comfort of your home. Spend the day after Thanksgiving with friends or family instead of shopping, or find a wholesome and enriching experience - walk on the beach or in the park, make something, read a book and be safe this Black Friday! Also read Black Friday Holiday Shopping Safety