Backing up & Driving Tips

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    AAA Road Emergency Kits

    Check area around vehicle. Check behind and under tires for hazards.

  • Check tires for appropriate tread, air pressure and damage.
  • Check and adjust all mirrors. Make sure they are clean.
  • Make sure windshields are clean inside and out.
  • Check and adjust seat to enable driver to reach gas/brake easily.
  • Check horn and back up beeper if applicable.
  • Turn off interior noisemakers, i.e. radio, fan, A/C for initial departure.
  • Roll window down slightly to enable driver to hear exterior activity.
  • Check for position of spotter and follow hand signals accordingly. Spotter is there to help, but you are still responsible for following safety rules.
  • If vehicle has automatic transmission, keep one foot over the brake for quicker response time, especially when in reverse.
  • Scan outside area by turning and looking over both shoulders for any obstructions, vehicles, pedestrians, etc…
  • Continue to look in direction vehicle is moving to check for obstacles.
  • Check front end periodically for vehicle placement when in reverse.
  • Park or pull in where you can exit without having to reverse the vehicle.
  • Drive slower in poor weather or poor road conditions.

driving-safety-tileTake caution when behind the wheel. Our safety booklets, CD-ROMs, DVD programs, and meeting & compliance kits will provide you and your employees with all the information you need regarding driving safety. Following OSHA standards, you can rest assured that you are compliant within your industry. There is even a game available to keep your trainings fun and innovative.

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