Are You Working Today? Are You Off Early?

Family Traditions influence Company Habits.

wallflowerOnce upon a time, things weren't always on, always available, and at your fingertips... shoot, it's not really that long ago that 7/11 was an amazing thing conveniently (and somewhat outrageously) open 7am-11pm seven days a week! (most stores closed at 5 or 6, and nearly all were closed on Sundays.)

Now we're always open, always "on" our websites cater to the late-nighters and off-hour crowds, are supermarkets are open 24/7, and here we are working on Christmas Eve... it is expected of us by our customers in this immediate-gratification era, and while it is true that we and others may be closing our phone centers a little early, we certainly can't have the day off as in olden days.

Progress brings perks and penalties.

(By the way, we would rather spell it "perqs" since it is an abbreviation of "perquisite", but American English, especially after a charming recent coming of age movie dictates we spell it otherwise.)

Merry Christmas Eve to you all - we hope you enjoy the long weekend, as we will!

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