FEMA_NPC_CIRCLE-(Medium)National Preparedness Month is nearly upon us. While one should consider readiness for disaster and emergencies year round - this coming Month will be an easy time to begin year-round readiness and resilience. By becoming a part of the National Preparedness Community, you can leverage the knowledge and resources of thousands of other individuals, professionals and groups to prepare yourself, your work, your family for survival. The National Preparedness Community helps us to  empower ourselves and each other to fulfill our shared responsibility to prepare. Specifically we: 1) Learn from each other and share resources 2) Connect with each other and Emergency Management personnel 3) Coordinate, participate in, and engage others in preparedness activities Join the National Preparedness Community @ http://www.community.fema.gov The National Preparedness Community is where we connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Use it to empower yourself to prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom you may study or worship. We contribute what we can about what we know; ask for what we need; keep doing what is working; communicate about what is not working, and when possible, offer suggestions towards solutions. When we are connected and collaborate, we are more effective and efficient at educating and empowering ourselves to prepare for disasters and emergencies.

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Survival Gear: Disaster, Emergency Preparedness, Camping & Survival Supply 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Supplies for Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Twister, Nuclear Disasters, Wilderness Survival & More… C.E.R.T. & F.E.M.A. Disaster, Survival, & Preparation! Think about preparedness; at home, at work, at school, even in your car. What should you do? Check your Emergency Plan and Evacuation Routes everywhere you normally spend time. Make sure you have an out of State contact for you, your friends and your family (long distance phone service is usually restored before local - and mobile services and internet will likely not work in a major disaster.) Of course, you should Check your Emergency Supplies, too:
  • Count your stock... is it enough?
  • Check your expiration dates (food, water, batteries)
  • Keep cash on hand
  • Don't let your gas tank get below half-full
  • Think-Plan-Prepare-Survive!
If you are seeking Disaster Assistance, please see http://www.fema.gov/apply for assistance What is National Preparedness Month?