February 2017

  1. Snozberries
    Categories: Info News


    When is a Berry not a Berry? When is a Nut not a Nut? Strawberries are not actually berries! A berry is defined as "a fleshy fruit formed from the ovary of a single flower with a seed, or seeds, embedded on the inside of the fruit." Since strawberries have their seeds outside the fruit, they technically are not berries. Interesting enough, bananas...
  2. Help Your Community When the Next Storm Hits
    Categories: CERT - Community Emergency Response Teams

    Help Your Community When the Next Storm Hits

    Many communities remain unprepared, as only 30% of those who live in winter storm hazard areas have participated in a disaster exercise in the past year. Even a small amount of snow can impact your community, making it critical to have a plan in place for winter weather. Be there for your neighbors when the next storm hits by finding...
  3. Categories: Info News

    The Shadow Knows... Groundhog sees Shadow!

    Well – the verdict is in – the Groundhog saw his shadow and says we’re going to have a long, cold winter. With all the recent Winter Storms battering the country, we believe it, so we’ve extended our Groundhog Day / Winter Safety Sale for 24 hours! You can still save on Winter Safety & Warmth needs! To help you...

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