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    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Weekend!Jack

  • United Nations Day

    Today is United Nations Day.

    The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945. It is currently made up of 193 Member States. The mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter.

    UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations officially came into being.

    24 October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by Member States as a public holiday.

    This year's UN Day will be used to highlight concrete actions people can take to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

    On October 24, 1945, the United Nations (UN) came into force when the five permanent members of the security council ratified the charter that had been drawn up earlier that year. These members were: France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    Since 1948, the event's anniversary has been known as United Nations Day. It is an occasion to highlight, celebrate and reflect on the work of the United Nations and its family of specialized agencies.

    Due to the powers vested in its Charter and its unique international character, the United Nations can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, such as peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, and more.

    The UN also provides a forum for its members to express their views in the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, and other bodies and committees. By enabling dialogue between its members, and by hosting negotiations, the Organization has become a mechanism for governments to find areas of agreement and solve problems together.

    The UN's Chief Administrative Officer is the Secretary-General.

    On and around October 24, many activities are organized by all parts of the UN, particularly in the main offices in New York, the Hague (Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Nairobi (Kenya). These include: concerts; flying the UN flag on important buildings; debates on the relevance of the work of the UN in modern times; and proclamations by state heads and other leaders.

    Several international schools throughout the world also celebrate the diversity of their student body on United Nations Day (although the event is not necessarily celebrated on 24 October). Celebrations often include a show of cultural performances in the evening and a food fair, where food is available from all over the world.

    In the United States, the President has issued a proclamation each year for United Nations Day since 1946. The most recent such proclamation was issued by Barack Obama.
    In Kosovo, United Nations Day is an official non-working day as the province is administered by the Interim Administration Mission.

  • Halloween

    HalloweenHalloween is creeping up on us - here's a reminder of some great Halloween Fun & Safety articles!

  • Waffles

    waffle-houseWith Hurricane Matthew hitting the southern states, there have been numerous business closings. None so surprising as the closing of 25 Waffle House locations due to the dangerous storms. The southern staple is so notorious for staying open that the closure of one store is significant enough for FEMA to unofficially monitor the chain's activity. After Hurricane Irene, the chain only closed one store after multiple had lost power in the same area. The closure helped FEMA discover where to focus their resources. Fans of the restaurant seem to take the closures to heart more so than the advice of local officials. "Folks, when they shut down the Waffle House -- it's time to leave town," tweeted Todd Starnes. The chain has not announced when the stores will re-open.

  • Matthew

    As we have 2 Matthews here at First Aid Mart, and we're in the Hurricane Preparedness Business - the current weather drama is top of mind to us.

    Hurricane WarningEven if a hurricane hasn't reached land, the effects of the hurricane could be severely dangerous. Hurricane Matthew has already proven himself to be the strongest Atlantic tropical storm since 2007, after transitioning to a category 4 hurricane at 11pm ET Monday. This is a reminder that being prepared for emergency weather could mean the difference between life and a possibly life threatening situation.

    Hurricane Matthew already has already met the south eastern United States and has reached 140 MPH winds during Monday evening, gradually making his way north through the Caribbean at a speed of 7 MPH. Tuesday Hurricane Matthew reached the Bahamas and through Thursday made a big mess of the Bahamas.


    Cone of UncertaintyBy Saturday afternoon a Category 2 Storm with 105 MPH winds will strike the east coast. A cone of uncertainty 350-mile-wide will cross south eastern Florida all the way through Virginia. The US, EURO, and The National Hurricane Center all have very close approximations and can confirm that, everyone within this cone must prepare.

    Right now the projected path is right off of the Eastern coast and may change within a moment's notice. When that happens, we will not have a lot of time to prepare for this emergency.

    See View of Hurricane Matthew From International Space Station

    Also read:


    (By the way - at one point we had 3 Matthews here at First Aid Mart, but one went by "Matt" and we didn't like him much.  Ha Ha.)

  • World Animal Day

    Today is World Animal Day!

    We've shared before about our support of endangered species and the National Geographic Society's efforts to save them...

    Now - you can raise awareness on World Animal Day.


    According to KeepInCalendar, World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October the 4th. It started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists. On this day, animal life in all its forms is celebrated, and special events are planned in locations all over the globe. The 4th of October was originally chosen for World Animal Day because it is the feast day of Francis of Assisi, a nature lover and patron saint of animals and the environment. Numerous churches throughout the world observe the Sunday closest to October the 4th with a Blessing of the Animals.

    World Animal Day, however, has now gone beyond being the celebration of a Christian saint and is today observed by animal-lovers of all beliefs, nationalities and backgrounds. Animal blessings are held in churches, synagogues, and by independent animal chaplains in parks and fields. Animal rescue shelters hold fundraising events and open days, wildlife groups organize information displays, schools undertake animal-related project work and individuals and groups of friends or co-workers donate to animal charities or pledge to sponsor a shelter animal.

    In Argentina it is celebrated on April 29 as a tribute to the death (in 1926) of Dr. Lucas Ignacio Albarracín. Albarracín was, along with Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, one of the founders of the Sociedad Argentina Protectora de Animales (Argentine Society of Protection of Animals) and the proponent of the National Law on Protection of Animals.

    Why celebrate World Animal Day?

    Building the celebration of World Animal Day mobilizes people for action now for a better future for animals.

    Throughout history, social movements (mass actions) like World Animal Day, have always been a major vehicle for ordinary people’s participation in politics, and key in fighting for social justice and reform. The lives of animals are profoundly affected by the actions of individuals, businesses, and nations.  It’s therefore essential that, as sentient beings, their rightful status as recipients of social justice is established and translated into effective animal protection.  Through increased awareness and education, we can help develop a compassionate culture which feeds into legal reform and social progress to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures.  A world where animals are recognised as sentient beings and full regard is always paid to their welfare.

    There are other days linked to animals such as: World Day for Laboratory Animals on 24 April and World Wildlife Day on 3 March, and these are important too. However, World Animal Day is the one day of the year that embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country. It’s a special opportunity to commemorate our love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world.  It unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force for change. Participation in celebrating World Animal Day grows each year, with a huge variety of inspiring events being held in an increasing number of countries. In 2003, we recorded 44 events being held in 13 countries and this has now grown to an estimated 1000 events in around 100 countries. YOU can help enhance the visibility of World Animal Day.

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