February 2016

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    That's right - a reminder... at Midnight this deal ends... $29 off any order over $100! (well, a few exceptions, but almost any order) Hurry and save on  restocking your first aid kit or cabinet, preparing for Spring and Summer safety needs, or just buying something fun you've wanted... it's an extra deal for an extra day on the calendar!
  2. Getting Enough Sleep? Part of this may be WHERE you live!
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    Getting Enough Sleep? Part of this may be WHERE you live!

    35% of U.S. adults do not get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep continues to be a problem in the U.S. What is fascinating is that this varies by State and Region in the US! Are you one of those sleep-deprived adults?  Here's some great information from the CDC: How much sleep do we need and what can happen when...
  3. Leap Weekend!
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    Leap Weekend!

    We've told you about Leap Year and the Gregorian & Julian Calendars - we even explained that Leap Year is NOT every 4 years and offered you an amazing Leap Year Sale... now what? How about some Leap Year Trivia? How Leap Year started  Ancient Egyptians first figured out that the solar year and the man-made calendar year didn't match up. This is because it takes the Earth...
  4. Sneak Peak for Leap!
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    Sneak Peak for Leap!

    Here's a Head Start for our Readers... Since you follow our posts, we wanted to give you early access to our Leap Day Sale! Up to 29% off! Click and $AVE! Learn more about Leap Year: Leaping Lizards, The Pope Knows, Is Leap Year every 4 Years? No.  
  5. Is Leap Year every 4 Years? No.
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    Is Leap Year every 4 Years? No.

    Most of us think Leap Year occurs every four year - that's not correct - in the Julian Calendar used prior to 1582, that was the case, but that was an inaccurate system that led to our calendar getting so far out of sync with the tropical year that when the calendar was reinvented and the Gregorian calendar was first adopted in...
  6. The Pope Knows
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    The Pope Knows

    Leap Year: Did you know Pope Gregory XIII is responsible for it? It's true... that and a mysterious 10 days that disappeared altogether. In 1582, Pope Gregory did away with the Julian (yes, named after Julius Caesar) calendar and took his first leap - he skipped forward 10 days to start the calendar most widely used calendar in the world...
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    Leaping Lizards

    Leap Year is here, and Leap Day is coming up fast... how much do you know about it? We'll be sharing information about Popes, Mayans, and Emperors over the next few days - all to enlighten you about this Leap Year (which of course is also the Year of the Monkey!) Stay tuned and learn how this "extra day" affects...
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    National African American History Month: Preparing Communities for Disasters

    In celebration of National African American History Month on Thursday, February 25, FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division invites you to a webinar focusing on engaging the public on nationwide disaster preparedness and resilience efforts serving African American communities. Title: National African American History Month: Preparing Communities for Disasters Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016 Time: 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST Featured Speakers:                                 ...
  9. Protecting Children From Scalds
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    Protecting Children From Scalds

    Just because Burn Week is over, doesn't mean awareness of scald dangers, and burn safety should end. Remember that 10,000 Children are Hospitalized with Burns and you should Prevent Scald Burns to Keep Your Family Safe. It may help you protect your children from scald injury if you think about it in three time frames: You can make some changes in your kitchen...
  10. Fire Safety for Older Adults
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    Fire Safety for Older Adults

    Fires are a serious risk in colder seasons - and even more so for older adults and children - We have talked about many safety concerns for seniors, including Seniors and Scalding Burn Injuries, Helping to prevent falling at home, Seniors Staying Alone and special Winter Dangers for Seniors. Now let's take a look at how home firs risks may be a little different for the elderly...

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