December 2015

  1. Be Safe Out There on New Year's Eve!
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    Be Safe Out There on New Year's Eve!

    New Year's Eve - Revelry, Relief, Inspiration, Intentions, and FUN! Be sure to play it safe, too - you wan to start the New Year Safe and Healthy... Be wise and have a blast!
  2. The New Year is Coming!
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    The New Year is Coming!

    Do one great thing in 2016... what will it be? Why not Save a Life? ~ Learn CPR & First Aid. ~ Get an AED. ~ Learn to Stop the Bleed.
  3. Taking Stock
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    Taking Stock

    At the end if each year, we take stock. Of course, we want you to check your first aid kits and emergency supplies and make sure they are stocked, up to date and ready for the new year, but this is a time for taking stock of more than just your safety supplies. Take a "snapshot" view of the year...
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    Wrapping to Roll

    Here we are in the last week of the Year... have you resolved your Resolutions? Are you Ready for whatever comes your way? If now, here are a few suggestions we've offered that may give you some last-minute inspiration, or may guide you on making your New Year resolutions in a few days: Resolve to Save a Life in 2015...
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    Gadgets & Gizmos bring Safety Considerations

    So Santa treated you well, and you've now got every multimedia mind-boggling, sensory overloads device you could dream of.. now plug them all in and enjoy, eh? Stop and think a moment. Extension cords are a convenient way to power electrical devices, especially during the holiday season. However, without proper use, extension cords can become a fire hazard. According to the...
  6. What do you do the day after?
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    What do you do the day after?

    What are you doing the day after Christmas? Retail workers are handling the frenzy of after-Christmas-sale shoppers, Etailers are welcoming the cash flow while allowing their websites to do the heavy lifting, Bargain Hunters are fighting the mad packs in the stores, and revelers are probably still sleeping off the effects of Christmas. Which are you? Boxing Day is a...
  7. Merry Christmas & Holiday Wishes
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    Merry Christmas & Holiday Wishes

    Have an AWESOME Day Today!
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    Are You Working Today? Are You Off Early?

    Family Traditions influence Company Habits. Once upon a time, things weren't always on, always available, and at your fingertips... shoot, it's not really that long ago that 7/11 was an amazing thing conveniently (and somewhat outrageously) open 7am-11pm seven days a week! (most stores closed at 5 or 6, and nearly all were closed on Sundays.) Now we're always open...
  9. After Christmas Sales
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    After Christmas Sales

    Who has "After Christmas" Sales? Who doesn't? Many of these "After" sales actually begin before. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that UPS, FedEx, and USPS were overwhelmed with packages and falling behind this year - know why? Online Retailer ("E-Tailer") sales outdid in-store Holiday sales, and outran all forecasts. This not only broke the shipping system, causing gnarly delays...
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    Safety for the Christmas Parties

    Having a Party? Here are some smart TIPS: If you plan on hosting a party this holiday season, please read the list of tips provided below for Adults and Drinking at parties. Limit guests to those you know Provide food and non-alcoholic beverages for guests Do not serve Alcohol to Minors (nor allow them to serve alcohol) even if their...

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