March 2015

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    Spring Snakes

    Spring is here... we're heading outside. Watch out for snakes! Snakes exist in almost every part of the world.  Of the approximately 8000 snake bites each year, however, fewer than 12 result in fatality.  This is due in part to the fact that about two thirds of all poisonous snake bites involve little or no venom; these are called “dry...
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    How To Baby Proof Your Home

    When you first bring your baby home from the hospital, there’s not a lot he or she will be able to get into — that’s because, babies are still too small to crawl or pull objects down. However, in only a few short months, he or she can be reaching, climbing and/or knocking over all sorts of everyday items. That’s...
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    TB Threatens to Kill 75 Million People

    Tuberculosis - Drug-resistant TB Threatens to Kill 75 Million People by 2050, Cost $16.7 Trillion. Over the next 35 years, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis will kill 75 million people and could cost the global economy a cumulative $16.7 trillion - the equivalent of the European Union’s annual output, a UK parliamentary group said. If left untackled, the spread of drug-resistant TB superbugs threatens to...
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    Tips From Former Smokers

    Considering giving up the puff? Are you a former smoker wishing to help others quit? Smoking can cause colorectal cancer and vision loss (macular degeneration), two critical health problems addressed in this year’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign. The Tips campaign is a “best buy” for public health, costing only $393 per year of life saved—see how it works in...
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    Injury-Proofing New Employees

    New hires are new risks for any company. Thinking about safety should be as natural as thinking about other aspects of the job. Employees should be able to anticipate the possibility of accidents before they happen. Yet workplace accidents cause millions of people to suffer painful injuries every year, and cost business almost $90 billion per year in medical bills...
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    Youth violence can be prevented

     ALSO READ: National Youth Violence Prevention Week Youth Preparedness Council Head and Neck Injuries in Youth Sports April is National Youth Sports Safety Month Youth and Teen Safety & Violence Youth Violence Prevention Strategies Research and experience in communities show it is possible to prevent youth violence. Everyone has an important role in stopping youth violence before it starts. CDC's...
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    National Youth Violence Prevention Week

    Everyone Has a Role in Stopping Youth Violence Help others be a positive influence on young people while stopping youth violence before it starts. What You Need to Know More than 547,000 young people, ages 10 to 24, are treated in emergency departments each year for injuries from violence-related physical assaults. On average, 12 young people are victims of homicide...
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    Sailboat Safety: What to Know if you aren't an Expert

    Spring is upon us, and we all want to get our an PLAY! Renting a sailboat and taking it out to sea can be a great way to spend your day... sailing can't be that hard, right? Hm. Be warned, it can also be dangerous if you don't follow a few simple rules. You don't want your amazing experience to...
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    What is PPE?

    What is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)? PPE is any equipment that protects employees against potential health and safety risks while they are engaged in their work duties. The regulations state that the PPE should be provided “as a last resort”, the term includes but is not limited to: Safety Helmets Gloves Eye Protection High Visibility Clothing Safety Footwear and Harnesses Respiratory...
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    Spring Flooding

    It is here - Spring. This means sunshine and blossoms, outdoor adventure, bugs and floods Are you ready?  

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