December 2013

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    A Year of Disasters...

    Wow what a year... plagued by weather and calamities - we hope you weren't affected by these horrible situations, and that you were safe and prepared if you are in one of the affected zones. Let's all make it our New Year Resolution to be ready for anything in 2014! Disaster, Survival, Preparation Survival Gear: Disaster, Emergency Preparedness, Camping & Survival Supply 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Supplies for Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Twister, Nuclear Disasters, Wilderness Survival & More… C.E.R.T. & F.E.M.A. Disaster, Survival, & Preparation! Think about preparedness; at home, at work, at school, even in your car. What should you do? Check your Emergency Plan and Evacuation Routes everywhere you normally spend time. Make sure you have an out of State contact for you, your friends and your family (long distance phone service is usually restored before local - and mobile services and internet will likely not work in a major disaster.) Of course, you should Check your Emergency Supplies, too: Count your stock... is it enough? Check your expiration dates (food, water, batteries) Keep cash on hand Don't let your gas tank get below half-full Think-Plan-Prepare-Survive! Emergency Survival Kits Food and Water Shelter and Sleeping Communication Tools Lighting & Heating C.E.R.T. Products American Red Cross Items Safety Vests First Aid & Trauma Supplies Triage Kits and ICS Supplies Hygiene and Sanitation  Automotive Empty Storage Search and Rescue Pet Emergency Survival Evacuation and Fire Disaster-Survival Books & Videos The year in review  Major Disaster Declarations (and of course, these only run though October!): Continue reading →
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    First aid kit is a great gift for any farm

    Safety is a 24/7 challenge for farmers, ranchers and farm families. On the farm, you must be prepared to handle an injury until emergency help arrives. Keep a fully stocked First Aid Kit nearby First aid kits are our business. Since 1993 we've been focused on providing "quality, comprehensive first aid kits at a fair price" As experts we thought we'd...
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    Pocket Survival Pak PLUS

    SOL took the acclaimed Pocket Survival Pak™, added key survival items and created the Pocket Survival Pak™ PLUS. Designed by Doug Ritter, this kit includes everything in the best-selling Pocket Survival Pak… PLUS a CRKT RSK-MK5 knife, an SOL LED micro-light, Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets, and a 1-liter collapsible water bag - all packed in a waterproof welded-fabric...
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    Finding safe and reliable babysitters

    Seeking Sitters Launches Nebraska Chapter Parents in need of reliable child care have a new online resource in the Omaha metro and Lincoln areas. Annette Shukry launched the local chapter of "Seeking Sitters" after months of struggling to find a qualified person to watch her two children. "We connect member families with professional, certified sitters that have been thoroughly background checked...
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    Caring for Wounded Warriors: An All-Hands-On-Deck Enterprise

    “As Commander-in-Chief, I’ll keep doing everything in my power to make sure we serve you as well as you’ve served us. And that means making sure you get the care and the benefits you need. It means making sure you don’t have to fight for a job when you get home. It means recognizing our military families and giving them the support that...
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    Resolve to be #Prepared2014! Roughly half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions. In 2014, FEMA and the Ad Council are encouraging them to Resolve to be Ready for potential emergencies by committing to make preparedness a year-round family activity. We’ve enlisted the platform Thunderclap to reach as many people as possible with the #Prepared2014 message. Please help us by...
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    Merry Christmas

    Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheist, Non-Denom, or any other belief or non-belief... We hope you have the day off work (as we do!) and we wish you the Safest and Happiest Day off to enjoy however you like to enjoy a day! Beautful WInter Since we have so many customers worldwide, we would like to attempt to say it to you all in your own language... here are over 100 ways to say merry Christmas: Continue reading →
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    12 Ways of Christmas Health & Safety

    Brighten the holidays by making your health and safety a priority. Follow 12 recommended tips for self-care this season. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy—and ready to enjoy the holidays. 12 Health Tips to Light Up Your Holidays Wash hands often to help prevent the possibility of spreading germs and getting sick. Wash your hands with soap...
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    My Baby and Me - Food Safety During the Holidays when you are Pregnant

    The holiday season is filled with parties, family gatherings, and lots of food. While everyone wants to keep food-safe, it is especially important for pregnant women to do so. Pregnant women are at increased risk of food poisoning. In fact, pregnant women are about ten times more likely than the general population to get sick from listeriosis, a rare but...
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    Staying Safe When Outdoors this Winter

    Many of us are entering the coldest time of the year. Cold temperatures make your body lose heat faster than it can be produced. This condition results in abnormally low body temperature, also known as hypothermia. Hypothermia affects the brain, leaving the victim unable to think clearly or move well. This inability makes hypothermia particularly dangerous because a person may...

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