November 2013

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    Home Improvement - Painting Safety

    Painting a home's interior or exterior is often the most important stage of a renovation or redecoration. As a way of bringing an extra vitality and energy to a room or outside area it can be invaluable; however there are some important safety measures the home painter should be well aware of. The following are the key points to observe...
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    Black Friday - Help Yourself! 10% off site-wide

    Black Friday is for TURKEYS! Our Toll Free Customer Service Center is closed until Monday so our AMAZINGLY helpful & caring staff can enjoy the Holiday Weekend with their Friends, Family & assorted other Turkeys in their lives... Help yourself online and take 10% off any online order with promo code ‘GOBBLE’ at checkout! Thanks for visiting & Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From all of us at, best wishes for a safe, warm, and plentiful Thanksgiving Holiday!
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    Thanksgiving home cooking, traveling tips

    Travel and home cooking are two common themes of the coming week for Americans. Combine that travel and cooking with a wintry storm in Arizona and safety issues arise. More home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year, and unusually wet and icy roads in Arizona’s high country are already making travel especially hazardous...
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    Brrr... Winter Safety and Warmth

    Over the years employers have discovered that their employees miss more time from work as a result of "off-the-job" accidents than due to injuries experienced on the job. Many of these accidents occur during the winter holidays, as employees do things that they are not familiar with or haven't done "since last year". Fortunately, most of these accidents can be...
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    E-Learning for Safety & Health

    E?learning Essentials   CDC’s E?learning Essentials  and its online companion, E?learning Essentials Interactive, are designed for course developers and training decision makers who may be new to e?learning. These e?learning tools identify six components essential to quality e?learning and explain how to use them to engage learners in the most effective ways. Instructional designers and e?learning developers from across CDC...
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    Foods that help Fight the Flu

    You know what flu season means — get a flu shot and do whatever you can to stay healthy. These foods (and teas) can help you fend off the flu, and eat and drink well too. 9 Natural Flu-Fighting Foods Eating and drinking right can help boost your immune system Regardless how you feel about flu vaccinations - with or...
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    Influenza News and Highlights

    FLU TIME! Think about it and spread the knowledge, not the Bug! See our Cold and Flu Products!  
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    Stay up to date with Flu, Pandemics, and all sorts of fascinating information from the CDC

    We feed you the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, including Flu updates, First Aid, even Disaster Safety and Health info - but you, too, can access this wealth of data... More Ways to Stay Updated The CDC Director webpage also features:  Several other Director's Briefing videos on health topics ranging from colon cancer, antibiotic-resistant germs...
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    Preparedness Cross Country

    Businesses and Families can create interactive emergency kits, customized communications plans and view preparation guides so they are more informed on what to do before, during or after an emergency. Several states across the nation are currently using a rapidly growing service called SmartPrepare to effectively prepare for and respond to disasters.  SmartPrepare allows residents to share critical information about...

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