April 2013

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    Disaster Preparedness: Preventing Injury

    No matter the type of disaster, it isn’t just the event itself that can cause an injury.
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    Spring is Full of Triggers

    Spring is full of many things. While the things on most people’s mind are sunshine, flowers, and fun, looming in behind it all for many is the constant threat of allergies.
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    How to Prepare Yourself for an Outdoor Camping Trip

    Most people enjoy an outdoor camping trip sometime during the summer months with their family.
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    Summary of Posts: April 28th 2013

    This cycle in First Aid Mart took we take a walk on the wild side, as we talk about pet first aid awareness month.
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    First Aid For the Four Legged

    For pet owners everywhere, it isn’t unusual to think of your furry, feathery, or scaly friend as part of the family.
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    First Aid Awareness Month... For Pets!

    Most people understand the value of learning basic first aid skills in case of an emergency, but fewer people realize that it is not just humans that can sometimes need our help in a crisis.
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    Treating Cuts and Lacerations

    They are some of the most common injuries, but if not treated promptly and correctly, serious cuts and lacerations can become medical emergencies very quickly.
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    First Aid Skills: Treating Shock

    Any individual who has suffered an injury, or simply experienced an extremely traumatic event, may suffer from shock.
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    Disaster Preparedness: Landslides & Mudslides

    As the saying goes, April brings showers... however, those spring rains can bring more than just May flowers.
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    Protecting Yourself From the Springtime Sun

    With winter all but gone, it can be tempting to try and soak up every ray of sun that comes your way.

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