March 2013

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    Preventing Falls, Poisoning, and Kitchen Knives

    Parents are pretty familiar by now with the different dangers that lurk within the home. It’s even more difficult if there are kids or elderly in the house.
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    Summary of Posts: March 31st 2013

    The spotlight is on the heart this cycle in FirstAidMart, or more specifically, when the heart suffers an attack. Get ready to learn everything you never knew about sudden cardiac arrests.
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    Life After an SCA

    A sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), better known as a heart attack, is a serious medical emergency that can strike without warning.
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    How to Survive After a Heart Attack

    While heart attacks may be more common than we would like in our society today, it is comforting to know at least that most people survive their first sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).
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    Reading the Signs of an SCA

    It’s an unfortunate fact of life that heart attacks, or sudden cardiac arrests (SCA), are an all-too-common event in our society.
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    All By Yourself...

    With the advancements in modern medicine today, heart attacks are not necessarily fatal events.
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    SCA: The First Line of Defense

    SCA, known also as sudden cardiac arrest, or a heart attack, is an all-too-common affliction.
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    Decoding Defibrillators

    Unfortunately, heart attacks are pretty common in our society today. Even if you have not had one yourself, you may know someone in your life - a friend or family member - who has suffered through a cardiac event.
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    Cold Sore Home Remedies

    Cold sores, sometimes called canker sores or fever blisters, are most commonly found at the lips and mouth area.
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    Summary of Posts: March 24th 2013

    We have some great topics coming your way for FirstAidMart this cycle. Learn about the pros and cons of bandages and leaving a cut exposed to open air.

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