As we have 2 Matthews here at First Aid Mart, and we're in the Hurricane Preparedness Business - the current weather drama is top of mind to us.

Hurricane WarningEven if a hurricane hasn't reached land, the effects of the hurricane could be severely dangerous. Hurricane Matthew has already proven himself to be the strongest Atlantic tropical storm since 2007, after transitioning to a category 4 hurricane at 11pm ET Monday. This is a reminder that being prepared for emergency weather could mean the difference between life and a possibly life threatening situation.

Hurricane Matthew already has already met the south eastern United States and has reached 140 MPH winds during Monday evening, gradually making his way north through the Caribbean at a speed of 7 MPH. Tuesday Hurricane Matthew reached the Bahamas and through Thursday made a big mess of the Bahamas.


Cone of UncertaintyBy Saturday afternoon a Category 2 Storm with 105 MPH winds will strike the east coast. A cone of uncertainty 350-mile-wide will cross south eastern Florida all the way through Virginia. The US, EURO, and The National Hurricane Center all have very close approximations and can confirm that, everyone within this cone must prepare.

Right now the projected path is right off of the Eastern coast and may change within a moment's notice. When that happens, we will not have a lot of time to prepare for this emergency.

See View of Hurricane Matthew From International Space Station

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(By the way - at one point we had 3 Matthews here at First Aid Mart, but one went by "Matt" and we didn't like him much.  Ha Ha.)