Lifeform Manikins

When training on nursing techniques, an appropriate manikin is a necessity. Our Lifeform manikins are realistic and offer the perfect units needed to properly train in these skills, such as auscultation and chest tube insertion and maintenance. This product line also offers the Fat Old Fred manikin which is perfect for training on CPR to be applied to an elderly or obese victim. Also offered are sanitary canine manikins for adequate training of CPR and other care to a dog.

  1. Life/form Chest Tube Manikin - LF03770U
  2. Life/form Advanced Sanitary CPR Dog - LF01155U
  3. Life/form Basic Sanitary CPR Dog - LF01156U
  4. Life/form Basic Geri™ Manikin - LF04040U
  5. Basic KERi™ Manikin - LF04021U

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