Basic Buddy

The Basic Buddy and Baby Buddy CPR Training Manikins are some of our low-cost units, making it possible for you to even have one manikin per student! We carry the manikins and applicable accessories, such as lungs and carry bags - You can find all you need to get your classes started right away!

  1. Baby Buddy Infant / Baby CPR Manikin - 10 Pack - LF03722U
  2. Baby Buddy Infant / Baby CPR Manikin - 5 Pack - LF03721U
  3. Baby Buddy Infant / Baby Single CPR Manikin - LF03720U
  4. Baby Buddy Red Chest - LF03726U
  5. Baby Buddy Carry Bag - LF03724U
  6. Baby Buddy Infant / Baby Lung/Mouth Bags - Pack of 100 - LF03723U

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