CPR Training Manikins

The only way to be proper certified in CPR is by going through a live training course with the use of manikins. We offer a wide variety of CPR Training Manikins to suite the needs of all instructors and training groups, including a mixture of brands and models from basic units to more advanced simulators.

  1. Life/form Advanced KERi™ Manikin - LF04022U
  2. Deluxe Infant / Baby CRiSis Manikin - LF03718U
  3. Life/form Advanced Geri™ Manikin - LF04030U
  4. Complete Adult CRiSis Manikin - LF03953U
  5. Deluxe CRiSis Torso Manikin - LF03958U
  6. CRiSis Manikin Auscultation Kit - LF03967U
  7. CRiSis Update Package for Resusci Anne - LF03959U

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