First Aid Kits & Supplies, CPR, Disaster Survival Preparedness and Safety: From Band Aids to OSHA Safety Training Videos, we’ve got all your Safety Needs. Fast, Friendly, In Stock & For Less! Check out our easy to navigate website and our eager-to-please Toll Free customer service! We are the consumer portal for 100's of safety brands, such as Adventure Medical, Johnson & Johnson, First Aid Only, American Red Cross, Medique, Cederroth, Genuine First Aid, Mayday, Guardian Survival, Prestan Products, CPR Prompt and many others. We are the master distributor for these companies and offer products to complete any Safety Requirement or First Aid Kit Content List at the lowest price possible.

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  • These are easy to use, offered in a variety of sizes, including that suitable for the finger, reusable, and use the same modable technology so that you can customize the shape and fit of the splint to the body of the injured person!
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